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Magnetic Rotor And Impeller For Filter Pump Model#604/604gs

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Magnetic Rotor And Impeller For Filter Pump Model#604/604gs

Compatible with: 26706NP, 26712AU, 26712CC, 26712GN, 26712KR, 26712NP, 26712SD, 26712SF, 26712SZ, 26712UK, 26716AU, 26716BR, 26716CC, 26716FR, 26716GN, 26716IS, 26716KR, 26716NP, 26716SD, 26716SF, 26716SZ, 26716UK, 26748FR, 26784CC, 26784GN, 26784IS, 26784KR, 26784NP, 26784SD, 26784SF, 26784SZ, 26784UK, 26788CC, 26788GN, 26788IS, 26788KR, 26788NP, 26788SD, 26788SZ, 26788UK, 26790CC, 26790GN, 26790IS, 26790NP, 26790SD, 26790SZ, 26790UK, 26793FR, 26794NP, 28132BR, 28132GN, 28132NP, 28132SD, 28132SF, 28132SZ, 28132UK, 28142CC, 28142GN, 28142KR, 28142NP, 28142SF, 28142SZ, 28142UK, 28158GN, 28158NP, 28158SZ, 28158UK, 28212BR, 28212CC, 28212GN, 28212KR, 28212NP, 28212SD, 28212SF, 28212SZ, 28212UK, 28214AD, 28214AE, 28214AF, 28214AH, 28214AM, 28214AV, 28214AW, 28274CC, 28274GN, 28274NP, 28274SF, 28274SZ, 28274UK, 28604, 28604BR, 28604BS, 28604CC, 28604GS, 28604IS, 28604KR, 28604SD, 28604SF, 28604SW


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