Towel Rack

SKU: 28092


Avoid the cold, dripping walk from the pool to your towel with the Intex Towel Rack! With built-in cup holders, the towel rack is the ultimate accesory for convenience in your above ground pool. The adjustable height, sleek design, and neutral color make it a great addition to any pool in any outdoor space. It is easy to use and can be placed wherever is most convenient for you, and at the height that's most convenient. Includes built-in cup holder that can hold up to 2 standard size beverages. Holds towels conveniently close to the pool for an easy reach. Adjustable height from 33.5in to 50in. Sleek design and neutral color, perfect for any outdoor space.

Dimensions: 23.625in x 23.625in x 50in.

Safety Information

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