Above Ground Pools
Ready, set, wet! Choose a pool and kick off the fun.


Perfect for younger children and small yards, our kids pools are easy to assemble, manage, and are available in multiple sizes and fun colours!

Easy Set™

EasySet™ by Intex is the easiest pool to set up on the market! The simple assembly takes all the guesswork out of putting up your pool. Simply inflate the top ring and fill the pool with water.

Metal Frame

Great for transforming your home into a summer fun zone, Intex Metal Frame Pools can make your backyard the place to entertain family and friends. Frame pools are ideal for families that use their backyards for multiple purposes such as exercise, relaxing or playing a water game. These pools have a sturdy frame structure with PVC side walls, and are designed to be easily installed and ready for water in an hour or less. Metal Frame Pools can be used for many years.

Prism Frame™

Inspired by INTEX’ top-of-the-line Ultra Frame™ Rectangular pools, new Prism Frame™ Pools offer many of the same benefits, with smaller dimensions and more affordable pricing. Not just smaller, but the “right” fit for many backyards. In addition, the unique cool blue/gray color with white trim provides a fresh look to compliment modern backyard patio décor and furniture.

Ultra Frame®

Intex Ultra Frame™ Pools are made with reinforced 3-ply material and are stronger and easier to assemble. The Ultra Frame™ Pool has a unique shape to the frame allowing the pieces to fit together so smoothly and securely that separate locking pins are not needed. The premium of all pools with a soft gray laminated pool liner, brilliant white copings, and blue tile interior pattern, make any backyard an incredible oasis.

Pool Accessories

From pool maintenance kits to ground cloths and pool covers, these accessories help make owning a pool easy and convenient.

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Rainbow Baby Pool

*(item# 57104NP)

Sunset Glow Pool

*(item# 56441NP)

Soft Side Pool

*(item# 58431NP)

Fishbowl Pool Set

*(item# 59469NP)

Stargaze Pool Set

*(item# 59460NP)